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2016/11/30 By Ben Rowe

Wednesday 30th November – A walk to the frozen lake

Arrival at Novo runway

A group of us decided to take ourselves off for a walk down to the frozen lake then up to a couple of the summits. The surface is generally either ice or rocks varying from gravel size up to a small car. The rocks visual appearance is quite varied from fairly typical course granites from

2016/11/29 By Ben Rowe

Tuesday 29th November – Travelling with the BBC

Flight from Cape Town to Novo, Antarctica.

We got on one of the two buses for the Antarctic flight where there was a mixed group of Americans. Turned out that this group included 86 years old Buzz Aldrin, the second man to visit the moon after Neil Armstrong. The American group was on board as part of a BBC programme being made of his

2016/11/26 By Ben Rowe

Journey to Antarctica 26th November

Ramboll. British Antarctic Survey

Departing from Heathrow, the first leg of the journey was an 11 hour flight to Cape Town. We arrived on Saturday 26th November in a very comfortable 24 centigrade. Each stage of this journey is punctuated by the time to stow away our baggage (probably around 80 pieces between us) however it is clear that