COP21 Reactions

2015/12/14 By Martin Broderick

COP21 – Final thoughts and the road ahead

Thanks to our blog contributors over the last 10 days, and to you all for engaging with us. Below are some final thoughts on the conference and its outcomes: Simon Price: So now we know the outcome from COP 21. Twenty-three years on from the Earth Summit where it might be said to have all

2015/12/10 By Martin Broderick

Negotiating the climate change science maze

As COP21 has progressed it is clear that one of the most contentious issues to be resolved is associated with setting an agreed global temperature limit to which all nations must limit emissions to remain below. The current target for policy makers is to focus efforts on keeping global temperatures below 2°C of warming, although

2015/12/09 By Mike Pantling

The Herd of Elephants in the Room

The progress being made in the development of innovative new technologies, such as electric cars, renewable energy and building efficiency is impressive. In many cases these technologies are receiving increasing investment as the potential profits become clearer to see. These technologies are clearly an important component of combating both the causes and impacts of climate

2015/12/08 By Simon Price

Finally the Transport sector brings a coherent voice to COP

Having just returned from COP21 it is staggering to reflect that this is the first COP at which Transport has found its collective voice. At Bali in 2007 transport was little discussed and at Copenhagen in 2009 no coherent transport sector voice was heard. How could this be you might well ask when we know

2015/12/07 By Stuart Divall

Time to mix it up: The global energy crisis

We only need to look at our daily lives to realise how reliant we have become on energy.  Developed countries very rarely suffer from intermittent supply of electricity but on the rare occasions we do experience a power cut, it doesn’t take long for us to appreciate how dependent we have become.  Look at the

2015/12/04 By Luke Strickland

Taking the long perspective

We’re all familiar with the “fight or flight” response that we humans exhibit when faced with a threat. It’s been key to the survival of our species but could arguably be getting in the way of making effective decisions about the long term future of our planet. Our ability to face immediate problems isn’t the

2015/12/03 By Bram Miller

Transport and Climate Change – All about the transport providers or is it up to us to make a difference?

Transport is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with the sector contributing approximately a quarter of UK emissions. Like many people I try to do what I can to reduce my own emissions and use a car less often than I might. However, this isn’t always easy. I live in Romsey, Hampshire and regularly

2015/12/02 By Simon Price

Climate change is part of sustainability – not the other way around

How can we up our game with respect to climate and sustainability? My strong view is that we need to re learn that climate change is fundamentally an issue of sustainability- it’s not the other way around. It is in the adoption of more sustainable behaviours and expectations that success lies, albeit technology can be

2015/12/02 By Mike Pantling

Climate Justice – Resilience for All

Sadly, those least responsible for climate change often suffer the consequences of it and equally, measures to be resilient to the impacts of climate change normally only occur after a disaster, if it all, as is the case for many poor or developing nations. Another dilemma is that sometimes a move to become resilient in

2015/12/01 By Luke Strickland

Challenging wasteful thinking?

How do we feed the world’s growing population, and how do we do this whilst minimising environmental impacts such as deforestation? Today’s main topics at COP 21 are Forestry and Agriculture and delegates will no doubt be trying to find the right answer to both questions above, along with a myriad of other related issues.