Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

2015/11/10 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

Closing the blog

Dear readers This blog has now been closed. For more information about the Fehmarn project, please visit www.ramboll.com/fehmarn.

2013/05/27 By Finn Mølsted Rasmussen

How to create safety for pleasure boats in Fehmarnbelt?

fehmarn blog2

In my latest blog post I showed you an intensity plot and a movie of the large commercial ships sailing in and out of the Baltic Sea through Fehmarnbelt. But when building a tunnel across Fehmarnbelt it is also important to have knowledge about the intensity of movements with smaller local ships, such as pleasure

2013/02/06 By Finn Mølsted Rasmussen

How to get an overview of the traffic in Fehmarn Belt?


My name is Finn Mølsted Rasmussen. I am 43 years old and Senior Project Manager in Ramboll’s department for Risk and Safety. This is my first contribution to the blog as a guest blogger. In my department we have been working with navigational safety for ships passing through Fehmarnbelt during construction and operation of the

2012/11/12 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

This is how the Fehmarn belt tunnel project will be divided in contracts

Naha port immersed tube tunnel element

Right now we continue our work on preparing the tender document and technical support for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Denmark and in Germany. This time though, I will follow up on the four main contracts of the Fehmarn belt tunnel project and elaborate on the competitive dialogue described in the prequalification documents. The

2012/10/10 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

Prequalification for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is a milestone for the project

Map of traffic route

I apologise for the blog being a bit quiet for a long time. It has been a very busy period for us where we have worked on three parallel processes: Preparation of the tender document and technical support to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Denmark and in Germany.

2011/08/26 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

The construction of the Fehmarn tunnel


This blog post will pick up the underwater construction process where the last blog post left off. In the previous blog I explained how the trench was dredged, the element immersed and afterwards joined with the previously installed element; The bulkheads between the elements being removed to complete the operation.

2011/08/08 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

How is the Fehmarn tunnel constructed underwater?

tunnel 5

This post will describe how a tunnel, consisting of 79 standard elements and 10 special elements, will be immersed and assembled under water.

2011/07/21 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

Immersed Tube Tunnel


Immersed tube tunnelling is an efficient engineering solution for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. An immersed tunnel is an underwater tunnel composed of segments, constructed elsewhere and then floated to the tunnel alignment to be sunk into place and then linked together.  

2011/06/08 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

New Project Manager on the Fehmarn Project

I apologize for the blog being a bit quiet during the last month, but things have been rather hectic as the project is entering a new phase. The 1st of June Wim Janssen (project manager from TEC in Holland) retired and Klavs Munch Koefoed (Rambøll) replaced him.

2011/05/05 By Susanne Kalmar Pedersen

Safety in the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

The overall risk objective of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is that it must be at least as safe to drive through the tunnel as it is driving on a highway in an open countryside. The tunnel has therefore been designed and has been given the status of an ordinary highway.