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2016/04/18 By Alice Bond

Chestnut Grove Academy Science Fair


Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham hosted a Science Fair on the 22nd of March, for their Year 9 students (13/14 year old). Ramboll was represented by two graduate engineers, Neophytos Yiannakou and Mohamed Saleh. It was a great opportunity for the students to get familiar with the work we do at Ramboll and all the

2016/02/01 By Alice Bond

Students Inspired by Foundation Event

Inspiring Futures Day

On the 17th December 60 year 11 and 12 students visited Ramboll’s London Office to take part in a series of activities in aide of inspiring them to tackle the world’s challenges and following a career in engineering. The day was organised with the Inspiring Futures Foundation, of which Ramboll has a long running partnership with. At

2015/12/04 By Alice Bond

Wimbledon High School STEM Careers Fair

WP_20151118_002 (2)

Wimbledon High School hosted a STEM Career Fair for their Year 9 students (13/14 year olds) on the evening of the 18th November. Kalisha, Anna and myself  (Florencia) had the opportunity to meet a wonderful bunch of clever young women interested in finding out more about what STEM careers involves. We discussed what sort of roles they could

2015/11/17 By Alice Bond

Tacloban Charity Project: London Update


For the past nine months Philippe and I have been offering technical engineering support for the design of the dormitory structure in Tagpuro in the aftermath of super-Typhoon Yolanda. For more information on the project visit our previous blog post here and the Workshop blog here. Prior to Typhoon Yolanda, the local design code stated a wind

2015/10/19 By Alice Bond

Graduate Induction Programme 2015


In September 2015, Ramboll graduates attended a two-day induction programme, which took place in the London office. The first day of the programme began with an introductory speech by Steve Canadine, Managing Director of Ramboll in the UK. It was followed by presentations from senior members of staff, who gave a brief summary of their

2015/09/15 By Alice Bond

St. Pauls High School Visit


On the 11th June 2015, a group of Year 10 school girls and teachers visited Ramboll’s London office, and were greeted by three of the London Education Officers, Anish Patel, Alan Roper and Riccardo Pedroni for an afternoon. This school visit is an annual event run between Ramboll and the school, and has proven to

2015/08/13 By Alice Bond

2014-2015 Engineering Education Scheme


Back in September four Ramboll graduates took part in the annual Engineering Education Scheme. The scheme is run annually and aims to encourage more Year 12 students to take up engineering as a career. Ramboll mentored a team of students from Wimbledon High School (WHS), continuing the long-term partnership with the school. The graduates, James

2015/07/03 By Alice Bond

Tacloban Charity Project: Work Experience Student Takeover


Myself and three other work experience students were part of the Ramboll Structures Department in London for one week from 29th June. One of the projects we worked on was the Tacloban project, one of the charity projects Ramboll supports. Ramboll is currently working on this project alongside a local architect and engineering practice in

2015/06/26 By Alice Bond


codep cup

The Construction and Development Partnership (CODEP) cup is a hotly contested football tournament organised by the construction law firm, Fenwick Elliott. CODEP are a charity which has been preliminarily set up to improve literacy and the technical capacity of communities in Sierra Leone. However, for the past nine months they have been working to help

2014/06/27 By Amipon Batham

Kids Can Achieve!

Ramboll UK have been working with Kids Can Achieve to build a playground at their Centre in Harrow Weald. Kids Can Achieve is a London based charity, which supports children and young people who may have educational, emotional, social or psychological difficulties. Ramboll employees have been donating their time to work on the project, which