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2017/05/09 By Paul Jeffries

Open lecture by RCD lead Paul Jeffries


On Tuesday 16th May Paul Jeffries will be delivering a public lecture at Imperial College London entitled ‘Emergence: The development and future of computational design’.  The talk will be held in Room 201 of the Skempton Building and begins at 18:30.  All are welcome to attend.

2017/02/13 By Paul Jeffries

Ramboll Leadership Conference 2017 Bridge


For the 2017 Ramboll Leadership Conference in Copenhagen, which took place on the 22nd and 23rd of January, RCD was involved in a collaboration between the Transport and Buildings departments to design and construct a ‘bridge’ installation between their respective stands.  We had a little over a month to develop and manufacture the design so

2016/12/14 By Paul Jeffries

Parametric Engineering Course at Imperial College London


From January 2017, Imperial College London will be running an evening course on Parametric Engineering, co-taught by RCD lead Paul Jeffries.  The course will cover the application of Rhino and Grasshopper for computational design within an engineering context and is open to anybody in full time education or academic employment.  To apply contact Simply Rhino.

2016/12/01 By Paul Jeffries

What is Computational Design?


If you’ve arrived at this blog, you will probably have had some exposure to the concept of ‘computational design’.  You may also have heard some of the related terms that fall under this heading – ‘parametric design’, ‘algorithmic design’, ‘generative design’ and so on.  As computational design is still a relatively young and evolving field