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Projects completed by RCD.

2014/03/17 By rcd

OnGreening Ecobuild 2014 pavilion


The 2014 EcoBuild exhibition at London’s Excel centre opened this week and an egg-shaped plywood pavilion designed for OnGreening’s stand at the event is showcasing the work of Ramboll Computational Design (RCD). OnGreening is a new web-based platform devoted to the research and profiling of green building technologies. The organisation required a pavilion and lecture

2014/01/08 By rcd

Oxford Brookes Rain Pavilion

Rain Pavlion_small

RCD have collaborated with the staff and students of the Architecture and Fine Arts departments at Oxford Brookes University on a striking new urban intervention/sculptural pavilion at the entrance of the new Abercrombie building. The structure compromises 20 extremely tall and slender steel ‘trees’ that support a thin folded steel plate ‘leaf’ or canopy. The

2013/10/28 By rcd

Indian Toilets

indian schoolchildren - Theli after school program_low res

Ramboll Computational Design (RCD) has been selected to design modular toilet buildings for schools throughout India. The client is a joint venture between a UK-based investor who specialises in funding female entrepreneurs throughout the developing world and NVH Technology, an award-winning entrepreneurial provider of sanitation services in India. The client plans to expand their range of

2013/08/30 By rcd

Burning Man, Nevada

Burning Man small_2

The Rambøll Computational Design (RCD) team were invited to help design a number of installations at the world-famous Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA this year by Westminster University School of Architecture. Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. It takes place annually beginning on the last

2013/06/21 By rcd

Foyer 2.0 Triaxial weave shell

Creative Installations Event_0071_low res

Ramboll Computational Design have conceived and created a weave shell structure from strips of Perspex to transform the foyer of our London studio. The unique doubly-curved triaxial mesh shell installation explores how engineering, digital fabrication, and imagination can fill the boundaries of the space. It inherits the tradition of innovation and material exploration from our 2011 Foyer

2013/06/21 By rcd

London Festival of Architecture Chalkboard installation

LFA_low res

Ramboll engineers have conceived the Fitzrovia Chalkboard for the Great Titchfield Street Festival as part of London Festival of Architecture 2013. One of a number of events planned for the month long festival, the inaugural street project will promote positive change in the area, transforming Great Titchfield Street – from Mortimer Street up to Langham

2013/06/20 By rcd

Geode Radio 4 Listening Pod


RCD collaborated with Architects and light installation artists Cinemod on the design for the RIBA organised Radio 4 Listening Pod competition, a brief to create a portable and memorable looking recording studio. Christened the Geode, the pod was inspired by natural mineral formation and by the TPI mesh surface techniques developed by us on the Trada

2013/02/02 By rcd

Tetra Shed


Working with Architects Innovation Imperative, Ramboll Computation Design have helped with digital fabrication advice and structural analysis of a small and potentially adaptable ‘garden office’. Tetra Shed is a free standing single-storey timber structure designed to create an architecturally striking and comfortable space that can be internally adapted to suit the unique requirements of every

2013/01/03 By rcd

Arts Alliance mobile venue

aa small snapshot

In this unique project the client, digital film distributor Arts Alliance, wanted a lightweight, easily transportable venue to house its new performance of ID: Identity of the Soul on a worldwide tour. The brief required a structure that would meet the technical requirements for video projection and surround sound during live performances, as well as

2012/12/03 By rcd

Belvedere Vodka RED sculpture


Rambøll Computational Design (RCD) and artists Loop.ph have completed the design and erection of a 6m tall carbon fibre and perspex arch structure for Belvedere Vodka’s RED street party in New York, USA. Taking over Manhattan’s Meatpacking district with a dramatic light show and music, the event was a one of a number of international

2012/09/27 By rcd

Trada Pavilion

Photo 23-09-2012 19 56 57_low res

Ramboll’s Trada Pavilion, a plywood structure inspired by the efficient curved forms of Frei Otto and Heinz Isler, was unveiled to the public for the first time this week at the Timber Expo 2012. The exhibition is the premier show in the UK for all those involved in the timber sector. Trada commissioned Ramboll’s computational

2012/09/18 By rcd

KREOD Pavilion


The KREOD (formerly known as Dpod) pavilion, located at the North Greenwich Olympic site, has now been completed – a significant event as it marks the culmination of a challenging design and fabrication process. KREOD is a sustainable, portable, demountable and multi-functional indoor or outdoor exhibition space that will be installed in multiple locations within

2012/06/30 By rcd

Geodesic dome scheme – confidential

Dome 090

As part of the feasibility study into the most efficient structure for a dome over two hundred metres in diameter Ramboll Computational Design built upon and refined the techniques developed for the Tallinn Town Hall roof project. A double skin stick and node structure is automatically generated within the semi sphere volume first using the

2012/06/30 By rcd

Museum roof – confidential

war museum roof

The design for the roof structure of the roof of a National museum in North Africa used our own software to automatically generate efficient funicular forms by dynamic relaxation. The components of the roof were thus uniformly tensioned, use a minimal amount of material and benefit from the visual harmony of repeatable section profiles throughout

2012/06/30 By rcd

Corporate HQ, Finland – Confidential

Principle stress line slab

Our competition entry for the headquarters and research building of a large corporation in Finland exploited the ideas first postulated by Pier Luigi Nervi at the Gatti Wool factory in 1953. Lines of principle stress are joined to form ribs in the soffit of a reinforced concrete flat slab. The volume of concrete is reduced

2012/01/05 By rcd

Riba forgotten spaces competition

Forgetten Spaces2

With Texere Studios, this was the first time we applied the research into digital urbanism and the science of emergent behaviour. taking the free roaming ponies in the new Forest as a inspiration for a traffic calming measure in a london site we helped with a design which created an inner city farm with sheep

2012/01/05 By rcd

Maljevik Bay, Montenegro

In-house routine to automatically determine the roof shape required for a certain level of solar shading

Working with Foster + Partners we developed an in-house routine to automatically determine the optimum three dimensional roof form giving the right degree of internal solar shading in the new villa structures on the coastline of Montenegro.   The application automatically shapes the roofs of villas in relation to the solar shading needed. We were

2012/01/05 By rcd

London funnel sculpture


A least energy structure the form being determined by rcd’s own routines together with principle curvature mapping to form efficient framing   The timber members were set out in relation to the lines of principle curvature on the efficient surface. we developed the routines to do this and it enables a simple orthogonal structure to

2012/01/04 By rcd

Riga Airport Competition

riga inverse_snapshot

Computational analysis of caternaries enhances 3D modelling capability   On a competition submission for Riga Airport, the RCD group used computerised analysis to model the undulating roof structure which was inspired by the catenary form. In the 19th century Gaudi defined the form of his iconic La Sagrada Família by making scale physical models using

2012/01/04 By rcd

Presidential Library Astana

highlyOptimised_001.jpg 2001×1258 pixels

An algorithm inspired by electrical behaviour of sub-atomic particles rationalises a complex facade   Both archive and museum, the National Library will be a place for work and study, as well as education and tourism. A place for progress and a place for pleasure. As a national concentration of knowledge about the Kazakh culture and

2011/12/30 By rcd

Greenland National Gallery


Using digital intelligence to identify lines of principle stress in a structure. For the competition-winning design of the new Greenland National Gallery the RCD group developed a reinforced concrete slab solution that looked original and striking while also being more energy efficient than a conventional reinforced concrete flat slab. The engineering design was based on

2011/12/26 By rcd

D_pod pavilion


Computational analysis optimises uniquely curved form D-Pod is a multi-use temporary grid shell structure. The architect’s original design (created using parametric software) posited each member as both curving and twisting. However, elements are often easier to fabricate if they are curved in one direction only. Connection detailing is also easier to standardise and therefore less

2011/12/26 By rcd

Tallinn Town Hall roof


Volume packing and repulsion driven algorithm. The new town hall for Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a structure composed of 13 intersection boxes, the largest of which is a 60m tall tower comprising the main council chamber and 37m high lightweight glazed façade. A deep roof structure incorporating a staircase to take visitors to

2011/12/26 By rcd

Tallinn Town Hall


Algorithm mimics natural selection to evolve optimal structure. The new town hall for Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a structure composed of 13 intersecting boxes, each of which cantilevers a considerable distance from inset columns at ground floor level. The side walls of each box are blank and therefore provided the opportunity to hide