Monday 5th December – Update with BAS team on the key engineering aspects of the move


Starting to get into a routine with both room‐mates and overall summer camp. At 0800 we had our Field Module 1 training session which included use of a Tilley lamp and stove, use of iridium phone and communication protocol, tent and food provisions.  Kind of stuff I last did best part of forty years ago when at school.

I met up with the BAS engineering staff Oli and Chris to chat about the up and coming work. I outlined what I saw as the key aspects I needed to get on with given the programme for H1 and H2 modules. Halley VI consists of 8 modules, H refers to science modules, E to energy modules, A the main social module, C the command module and the B modules for bedroom accommodation.  This work included inspection of the sub‐floor of the modules, inspection of the bridge bearing, and inspection of the towing frames. We discussed potential areas for concern, which included for example the bridge spans between the E1 and E2 plant modules and the impact these heavy units may have on leg settlement on the ice, discussing the influences of the melt tanks that operate currently at around a temperature of 40oC and the waste 30m diameter discharge onion. We also had a look at the hydraulic kit used to control the module legs, and therefore the level of the module and interface with the adjacent modules.