Tuesday 6th December – Sunburn and static shock


Although I have been regularly applying sun‐cream, the reflection of the sun off the ice can quickly cause some sun‐burn.  The air here is dry and although I have not, a lot of people have developed a persistent dry cough. It is also easy to become dehydrated from the dryness and sun – not what I would have expected before coming to Antarctica.
After sorting kit to enable me to enter the sub floor zone safely such as torches, exclusion barriers, access keys etc., I crawled around the southern three modules, identifying some fairly minor issues to the space frame and the ski leg connection points
As you move between the modules there are frequent static shocks due to lack of earthing. The static shock is enough to create an easily visible spark, certainly equivalent to that across a car’s spark plug. Those working here for a while get used to it and get in the habit of earthing themselves prior to handling electrical equipment.
I met with the re‐location project manager to chat about the programme and discuss the timing of my inspections and reporting. I also joined the daily management meeting for brief 1900 meeting prior to dinner, which will help with my wider input.