Wednesday 7th December – Inspection of towing equipment


Today I found some working space with good in‐direct and overhead light in the A module TV room to start capturing my survey work. I ran through the various structural related report and method statements, marking up questions and key aspects and took the opportunity to have a detailed look at areas that have had issues.

The new Halley VIa site is predicted to extend by 2.2m/km per annum which may translate to around 45mm for the bridge length. If we are fortunate any settlement of the E module legs may negate the extension on the site and the combined movement may be limited. It is an unknown status and therefore will require monitoring over the next year to ensure that the bridge maintains a safe bearing length, which has been discussed with the BAS staff and will need to investigate further.
Today I also inspected the members and connections on the A‐frames, towing members and ski spacers – leaving just the lifting frames to be done tomorrow.