Thursday 15th December – more bridge work today


It’s another snowy and windy day.  Lots of snow tails complicating movement between modules and other buildings.
We tested straps for the bridge lift and checked these could be fed through the gap between the steelwork and the cladding. We also checked the steelwork to check the bridge will fit onto the fabricated temporary steelwork frames and skis that were fabricated in the UK many months ago in preparation for this and sent with the relief ship.

I carried out some more work on the restraint forces on the bridge beams combined with forces needed to resolve any eccentricity during the lift.  We also discussed the sequence of installation at the new Halley VI site called site VIa. The E1, bridge and E2 modules are likely to be the most complex and sequentially difficult aspect of the installation.  H1 and H2 and also the other modules can then be dragged to align with the energy modules. This also allows the mechanical and electrical team to progress with the most intensive part of their work which will help the overall programme.
Today the mechanic’s garage and annexe were moved to the new site VIa- all went well.