Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd December – disconnection of the trelleborg module connections


Today we were joined by new room-mates – so we have a full room of four. The finished draft condition report was passed to the re-location project manager.

Thursday 22nd December
Today I looked at the bridge Palfinger crane, which is used to load or off-load heavy goods and waste.  I inspected it on site – and now need to review the O&M information to assess the overall system.
The team completed the disconnection of the Trelleborg module flexible connectors (the black rubber connections that join the modules) with re-support on a temporary strapping system. The Trelleborg seems stiff enough not to open up when support solely at the bottom.
I joined the management meeting to look at the end of relief and plan a couple of down days, particularly for the plant drivers who have worked 12 hour shifts daily for last two weeks,  prior to starting the module move.
Part of the relief included incoming fresh vegetables from the Falkland Islands and I got involved in stacking into the container fridge. Today I also inspected the fire escape from the damage last year to see if there was likely to be any structural impact.