Friday 23rd December – ground penetrating radar scan and supporting Jan the BAS glaciologist


Arranged today to go with Jan the BAS glaciologist to do a ground penetrating radar scan on the superDARN aerial array to understand the settlement problems experienced to-date.  I organised with the aerial controller for the array to be switched off for safety which worked out well as the steel team could also do some maintenance work at the same time – checking that the bolts are still tight.
Visited the WASP building which is the winter accommodation building for the science team to see Jan and found he is having a problem with the new ground penetrating radar (GPR) unit.  Found him taking out screws to open up the new unit to see why not switching on. Eventually re-assembled it and putting off GPR survey to another time.  He said it was working when last put away and so did not understand why now it was not working. I chatted whilst all this was going on and described how annoying my wife sometimes finds me when something that does not work for her, and then I try it and it works straight away. He eventually pressed the on button again and showed me it still did not work. As an off chance I tried it and it came straight on! So all good and grabbed Skidoos to drag the GPR on a sledge out to the aerial. It took around 30 minutes to do three runs along the aerials so he had data to analyse. We arranged to talk through the result the following day.