Saturday 24th December – Jan explains brunt ice shelf formation


Some great feedback from Jan on understanding the reason behind the aerial settlement. He explained what is different about the Brunt Ice Shelf formation.  My understanding was that the ice is created on the land mass and gets pushed out to sea where the hydrostatic pressure of the water supports it, and then it eventually becomes thinner and cleaves off to become ice burgs. However due to various land formations the Brunt Ice Shelf flows off the land already fractured, and the sea water fills gaps between to form effectively ice bergs glued together by sea ice. This obviously becomes covered by layers of snow each year and generally fully fills in the gaps between the ice shelf bergs. Over the superDARN’s length the GPR showed that it bridges between these ice burgs and that the settlement had occurred in the snow layers that helps bind them together – and this simply explained the reason for the settlement.

The chefs treated us to another great Saturday night meal.