Monday December 26th – schedule for moving the modules


Still feeling a little unwell, and due to on-going cargo operations we can really only do preparation works that can be undertaken by hand. A team opened the bridge up in readiness for the eventual lift. This involved removal of the end GRP units that the deck panels drop into, the edge GRP beam and associated handrail that we had investigated a week ago. This gave sufficient space to feed the fabric straps around the steelwork and get a fairly vertical lift onto the 1.9m wide bridge beam without stressing adjacent cladding.  So the lift looks good to go, the main issue to facilitate it is the removal of the pin end bearing and the pulling the E2 module away from the E1 module to free the sliding bearing through the letterbox cladding whilst slung from two cranes.
In the management meeting we discuss the revised programme for moving the modules now that relief is complete. First we’ll be moving the H2 and H1 science modules, followed by the Dewry accommodation block as the majority of the construction team will need to be at the new site to re-connect the building services and Trelleborg connectors. The Dewry is a purpose built steel framed box with integral skis and therefore straight forward to dis-connect and re-locate, even with many of the construction team on-board for the 4-5 hour journey.

Today I completed my report on the B2 module damaged fire escape deck and the E1 module Palfinger bridge crane.