Tuesday December 27th – H2 science module lowered to travelling height ahead of its move


We checked the towing frame installation that restrains the module legs and maintains the relative dimensional position, and this then allowed the H2 science module to be lowered to its travelling height in preparation for its move.
We offloaded the heavy duty plastic slippers (crane mats) that are around 10m by 2.5m, which we can use if the skis prove too difficult to move with the preparations made to date. The benefit of the slipper approach is that it will help to spread the ski load on softer snow but as the keel line is lost it would be harder to steer and certainly much harder to align at the new site.
This evening, we had drinks and socialised amid music in preparation for two day Fakemus, as in Fake Christmas. The Halley team has developed into a pretty tight unit, remarkable really given that we have at most known each other for 5-8 weeks and will probably not see many again after the next 6 weeks.