Friday December 30th – first Halley module – H2 is moved.


It’s a sunny but very cold windy day. Six more Adelie penguins walk through site at the Southern end. We waited for the STMO power generator necessary for the hydraulics system and the vehicles to do preparation works to separate the H1 module.
We successfully unhooked the H1 module stairs so that we could lower it when necessary.  I carried out a number of final checks on the various frames that are used for towing the first H2 module across to the new site tonight.

We again discussed the separation of the E modules and the complexities of support on a pair of cranes whilst pulling the E2 away.  This is complicated by having to do so with the legs fully extended – with risks of damaging the mid-leg bearing.  It was vital that we did this smoothly whilst monitoring movement at ski level and on the bridge.

The first Halley Module, H2 successfully arrived at site VIa just before 2am to be greeted by the BAS Station Leaders, Project Manager and number of the new site staff.  The chief engineer was delighted that the stopping distance was just as I had assessed a couple of weeks ago and this will give us confidence in stopping the other modules.  We were all delighted to have safely and successfully moved this first module. After some work to disconnect the load cell and snow depth sensors, those of travelling back to site VI jumped into the sledge to make the return journey. Although the sun does not set below the horizon the night temperature drops and combined with the wind chill from the sledge speed we were feeling frozen and reluctantly wide awake. However after an 18 hour day and this chilly trip back we were pleased to go to warm beds satisfied after successfully moving the first module.