Wednesday 4th January – tricky separation of E2 module


Today was a big day as we separated the E2 module with the bridge attached. During the preparation the fixed pins had been removed so that as E2 was pulled away the bridge would stay where it is, and could be slid out of the E1 letterbox and lowered onto the temporary support frames.
To enable this tricky part of the operation, we had the normal Piston Bully and two dozers at the front of the E2 module, and a dozer behind pre-loading the rear skis to help gently move it away.  We also had the bridge suspended from two cranes and all the bridge connections free.
As the E2 module was gently moved away the bridge moved with it for approximately half a metre so a stop was called. The cranes lifted the bearing a little higher and this allowed the E2 unit to be pulled clear. The bridge was then lifted down onto the temporary support frames and the vehicle team added some strops to reduce the stress on the frame whist transporting it to VIa. After some adjustments we got the bolts into various towing frame components for module E2, I then checked all was good for the night’s move. This time, a couple of people from the MEP team over-nighted with the module which was great as I got a full night’s sleep.