Friday 13th January – Big red (module A) aligned, ready to bring over module C


Module A was aligned to the Trelleborg at the South end. This was mainly done simply because the alignment from arrival was good and the snow beneath the crane pads slightly angled to allow the module to drift westwards as the module was winched onto E1. The winching needed some preload from a dozer behind leg 1. The dozer was also used for a minor adjustment in the E/W direction on the other legs once the Trelleborg was connected. This method was quick and with the right control, driver care and experience was very straight forward.

Once the module was positioned the legs were lifted, the slippery pads removed and skis replaced on the snow. The weather was very windy and picking up snow from elsewhere. This is a real issue with the slippery sheets which are hard to keep a grip on, even without fighting against the wind.

My level survey was generally used to place the keel line and allowed for 50mm melt of the snow in contact with the ski to get us where we needed to achieve our required leg extensions.

We are waiting for the okay to Skidoo to site VI and bring back the C module tonight – so will depend on the weather forecast. Despite the weather being pretty atrocious we get the okay and the journey across is fun with the wind blowing horizontally across the icy road, masking the peaks and troughs that lead to the Skidoo bouncing around. Generally manage around 50km/h and get there in around 30 minutes.

We join site VI for our evening meal, then finish off the towing steelwork and steering chains. We get the module powered up and lowered to its transport height, transfer the HMI (hydraulic system human interface), and pull up the ladder for our journey. The wind constantly whistles through the taped up end doors.

The drivers struggled a bit with keeping the line given the difficult conditions, and could feel the impact of the wind on the vehicle progress.

As we neared module A at the end of the move the chief engineer did really well, stopping the module 200mm short and 200mm to the West. Make’s the re-alignment work easier tomorrow.

Busy day so not really a moment to think about celebrating my birthday.