Sunday 15th January and Monday 16th January – module B1 moved to VIa, stopping within 25mm of C module


I got up 10am and had brunch at 12. I spent the afternoon doing ‘What’s in my bag’ article for Ramboll’s internal magazine and took some photos for it.

Monday 16th January

The wind driven snow ran on until this morning so now a windy but pleasant day. The team were stood down until after lunch as we planned to move the B1 module tonight.  After smoko I carried out survey work so that we knew how much to raise the legs on the snow berms to modules E2, H1 and H2.

After lunch at the situation report we were told that BAS management had made the decision that Halley VI would not be occupied for the next winter season. The reason behind this is that the new crack in the ice shelf that is still moving inland. The new crack presents a complex glaciological picture that means that BAS scientists are unable to predict with certainty what will happen to the ice shelf during the forthcoming Antarctic winter.

We took the sledge with Dave driving the Skidoo over to site VI to collect the B2 module, the route across was particularly icy.

The B1 module move went ahead smoothly as ever. Having completed our standard checks and given this was an accommodation module both of us travelled inside and found a bed to read or sleep on. I set my alarm for 02:15 as this would wake me if I dozed before we arrived at site VIa.  The stop was bang on the money, stopping with only 25mm to go.  As I said to him, he could only have got it better if he had got the Trelleborg connector straight on to the fixings.