Friday 20th January – adjusting the modules


Today we progressed with raising the three Southern modules H2, H1 and E2. I explained on site that we had in preparation set level markers that indicated the keel line of the skis. This would enable the ski to be rotated as per the methodology, snow pushed in by dozers, the ski rotated back into alignment and then the sides packed by hand using the timber board. However whilst the morning snow was powdery enough for this method, by the afternoon it had become slushy and therefore was more difficult to handle and compacted as the ski load was applied. Consequently the operation was difficult to get right first time, and to get the tolerance we need for the pin engagement range the snow berms need really to be with 25mm of the target level. We made adjustments in the height and raised the legs to allow for the compaction. We have the benefit of leaving the skis to settle and melt in over the next day or so, we’ll see if we want to do a final round of packing after this.

This evening we also raised modules H2, H1 leg extensions to get up to similar level as E2 based on floor link plates and review of Trelleborg shape. As the Trelleborg is made up of folds of flexible material it exhibits changes which reflect the geometry across the module interface. So when all the folds exhibit a full height consistent width, without any ripples, the modules are usually in the correct proximity, level and square-ness to each other.

It was clear that the warm sun today has allowed modules A to B2 to melt in some more.

The winching of the southern modules together across a cross slope and the snow berm packing have, and will continue, to take time to get right.

Spoke to Luci this evening, it was good to catch up as she will be away at the weekend when I would normally try to call.