Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd January – missing fresh milk, fruit and salad


Got up 9.30am and all was quiet. Sat downstairs and downloaded some of the photos for my records – they have captured some amazing images.

The chefs do such a great job here with the ingredients available that it can be difficult to decline their high carb meals. The things I miss are proper milk rather than the powdered Nido and water mix, fresh fruit and salad, and of course my own choice of what to eat and when. During the week there is also very little time to get some exercise in unless you cut out meals and do so at lunchtime or late on into the evening.

Monday 23rd January

I undertook a new survey this morning to understand the settlement in the snow packed foundations and re-check how much we need to adjust to get to our target level. I inputted the data into a spreadsheet, translated it to the Southern Gateway site datum, and added some graphics so all would be clear and understandable.

I was surprised that this suggested that even skis in place for a fortnight had settled 70mm in four days, and the latest module moved just about a week ago has settled by 100mm. This is massive and makes you understand that as long and everything remains relative that this sort of movement is not that important. However given we have brought modules in over a few weeks everything is moving at a slightly different speed and we need to anticipate this to avoid this impacting on the pin engagement when finishing the module levels. Unlike the simple annual raising of the modules on well compacted ice sub-base, we are on fresh ground with unknown compaction and all complicated at surface level by direct sunshine radiation and air temperatures. Hopefully my spreadsheet can help with keeping us on track to get the right leg extensions to engage the pins and still achieve good consistency in levels.

The plan is to organise some plant to allow us to adjust B2 to E1, and then re-read the levels on E2 to H2 tomorrow.

I established the Morph global positioning system locations on the module roofs following a chat with James – so if time, I can have a think about how this system can help our understanding of building movements through the seasons and tie in with the other measured surveys.

The situation report covered progress, end of season arrangements for travel and timing of decisions for anyone deciding to make their own way home. Lots to do with booking box numbers and getting your possessions back home – they need to pass through customs and therefore a proper audit route is vital.

The team extended one of the towers at the North end of the site.