Tuesday 24th January – good internal levelling across the module threshholds


Mechanical and electrical teams progressed well and most of the system have been tested and re-drained for over-wintering. Now work is more the minor aspects to improve the ease of work in re-commissioning for summer 2017/18.

The E1 to B2 modules were levelled today using changes in leg extensions, and this has led to a pretty good internal levelling across the module thresholds and the Trelleborg generally reflect a good profile. I followed up with a level survey of the soffits and skis to the Southern Gateway and all pretty good and only three legs outside the leg extension range. We should be able to get all the pins in and play with a couple of the longer legs extensions to improve on it slightly, but we’re now talking 25mm max change.

The work is now almost done with the North end complete and some minor snow packing to the South.

The carpenters and steelwork teams are busy blocking vents, droppers and making storage and transport boxes for the some of the science instruments.

I re-ran the spreadsheet and can do these minor leg adjustments. I also looked at the soffit levels of the E2 to H2 modules and these have less than 10mm change from melt and compression from yesterday so it looks good for the final level adjustments.  Hopefully we can do this tomorrow.

Saturday is karaoke night and Sunday is the organised trip under your own power from site VI to VIa. Some are skiing, cycling, walking, running.  However more recently there is an option to test drive some of the vehicles used out here – this sounds more fun as an experience so probably will get involved in this.