Sunday 29th January – first experience of Rothera research station


I was up at 7am and sorted myself breakfast, which will need to last me through to brunch at midday. I use the morning to send some emails and download photos from my camera as back-up onto my laptop.

After brunch we went on walk with others who came from Halley around the point, which is essentially a rocky path with icy patches in the low areas. What’s immediately apparent is the amount of wildlife compared to Halley where the odd penguin or bird was an event.  Around the point we saw Elephant, Crab Eater and Weddell seals, Blue Eyed Cormorant, gulls and an Adelie penguin.

There is a group of Elephant seals that permanently block the bridge over a creek on the site. They are truly big animals and pretty smelly at times.

The Station Leader passed me some induction sessions for Monday. Not sure what will be doing during my time in Rothera but I’m sure there will be some subtle differences in standard operating procedures from Halley.