Thursday 1st December – Building an igloo


This morning a few of us walked from Novo across the rocky landscape to the nearby Indian Station.  Here we met up with a couple of  our group who had arrived a little earlier and had met some of the Indian group who were on the plane with us a couple of days previously from Cape Town to Antarctica.
The guys were happy to show us their camp, work spaces and then taking us into their main winter accommodation.  There were a lot of friendly people who were interested in our work at Halley given it will be construction work and not their more familiar research.
We were all invited to stay for lunch which we accepted, after we notified the Russian base and our BAS group leader via their communications room, where I had to earth myself on a silver foil strip to avoid static on the equipment. We enjoyed a cup of tea and also a nice curry lunch in good company.
On return to our cabin my face was stinging and red from the wind. However we joined some of the others sledging down the hill and then joined in the construction of an Igloo.  Much harder than it seemed when Ray Mears made one with an Eskimo on TV.   The wind had picked up and after a while it started to become bitterly cold and not helped through handling the ice blocks.  It took a while but eventually we got it done and sat inside for photos and sheltering from the wind.