Bamboo housing for Lombok

This blog tells the story of a team of dedicated engineers from Ramboll are working with a Lombok based NGO, Grenzeloos Milieu, and partners at UCL to design, build and make available safe, sustainable bamboo housing for the island of Lombok and beyond.

In 2018, Lombok was struck by several earthquakes measuring up to 7 on the Richter scale. These events had a catastrophic effect on local communities, leaving over 500 dead, 129,000 damaged houses and 445,000 people homeless.  The aftermath made it clear that much of the devastation resulted from poorly constructed concrete houses which were no match for the violent quakes.

When Ramboll engineer Marcin Dawydzik visited the site alongside Els Houttave from Grenzeloos Milieu a Ramboll team has created replicable designs for bamboo housing, partnering UCL to increase the understanding of the properties of bamboo, and liaising with Grenzeloos Milieu to ensure the designs are right for the local communities. We will make available our designs to all, encouraging local construction companies to become involved, learn the designs and use them elsewhere in Lombok.

Here you can follow the progress during the construction of three show-houses on the island.

Ramboll has always been driven by a sense of purpose and a strong set of values. From the outset, our founders had a clear vision for how a responsible company should act, in order to create lasting value and ensure its long-term survival.

It’s an approach that has continued as Ramboll has grown from its roots in Denmark. The Ramboll foundation was set up to ensure the financial and commercial development of the Ramboll Group. Each year it grants philanthropic donations to deserving causes, donating over £1.6m in 2018.