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The second team Lene Marie Rognan, a Graduate Electrical Engineer and Senior Structural Engineer Tom Harley-Tuffs take the reins in Lombok and share with us their time in Lombok

With work well underway on the Bamboo houses, we quickly got acquainted with the building teams in Sajang and Salut. It was impressive to see their craftmanship in working with bamboo and seeing their attention to detail . A crucial element of this project is knowledge sharing, so the teams from the two villages visited each other’s site to see first-hand their approach. We had some great discussions about the connections and the local builder Suhar shared with us some great techniques to advance the design.

Tom verifying bamboo against UCL 3d scanning results

The founding principle of this project is based on the sustainable material – bamboo. As well as building a structurally sound bamboo house, it’s important that the production of suitable bamboo is available, so as part of the project we are also talking about planting and cultivation, and the treatment of bamboo. During our stay we visited a bamboo plantation together with the workers. We learnt that bamboo is among the fastest-growing plants on earth and that fully mature bamboo canes that can be used in construction, can be harvested in as little as 5 years.

Abundant bamboo forests

The workshop activity has also been ramping up and we were pleased with the engaged group of attendees to Lene’s workshop that covered the benefits of bamboo. Both workers and locals from the community came to hear more about the project, and hopefully left enthused with the idea of growing and using more bamboo. A further worker workshop took place on bracing that sparked some good discussions afterwards, with useful feedback being incorporated into future workshop material.

Template house n progress
Template house in progress

Our time is up now but we hand over to the final Ramboll volunteer team Valerija Graville and Margarita Murillo Benitez. It’s been an incredible experience and we are so thankful for the hard work of the teams in Lombok.

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