Building Bridges to Prosperity

Ramboll has always been driven by a sense of purpose and a strong set of values. From the outset, our founders had a clear vision for how a responsible company should act, in order to create lasting value and ensure its long-term survival.

It’s an approach that has continued as Ramboll has grown from its roots in Denmark. The Ramboll foundation was set up to ensure the financial and commercial development of the Ramboll Group. Each year it grants philanthropic donations to deserving causes, donating over £1.6m in 2018.

This commitment to make a better world is matched by our teams across the globe. With a determination that engineering can make a better world, our UK Bridges team partner Bridges to Prosperity to apply their engineering skills in remote and challenging locations to create footbridges that transform lives. Their commitment and energy turn dreams into plans into reality.

In 2018 this took us to Namawukulu in Eastern Uganda where we built our first footbridge across the Ngame river. In September 2019 another team of engineers will head out to Rwanda to build a bridge to make a difference. This blog allows you to follow the activities of these teams as they progress.

You can find out more about our work with Bridges to Prosperity and other causes here.

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