Day 3 Kampala to Bududa

After a good night’s sleep we were met by James and Erica from Bridges to Prosperity who had come to accompany us on the 7-hour journey from Kampala to Bududa, on the eastern fringe of Uganda. 

The journey was long and constantly interesting in this totally unfamiliar environment. We really saw a transition from the city roads to progressively smaller dirt tracks as we headed further east. But one thing didn’t change; boda-bodas driving like maniacs!

Finally, we reached the Zaales homestay in Bududa and were given and a very warm welcome by our host, the vibrant David Zaales. We spent the evening just unpacking, relaxing, avoiding being bitten by the dogs (sometimes unsuccessfully but hey, that’s what the rabies vaccinations are for…) and just getting to know each other better and preparing for the first day on site.  It’s been a long journey, and we’re all keen to get started on the bridge.


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