Day 10 (11th June)

Yesterday was rest day, much needed after an exhausting 6 days last week

Our planned activities for today were checking and correcting the sag differential between the two cables by re-winching to tighten or loosen the cables as appropriate. The second planned task was pouring of the concrete infill slab at the far end of the bridge.

A couple of issues arose, the first being that the winch was broken first thing this morning. We lost some time trying to work out what the issue was. It turned out that almost all the teeth were broken off one of the cogs. This was not great news as lead times on a new winch, or indeed any new part, here in eastern Uganda, are measured in season. The team improvised by unclamping the hand rails to try to level up the deck which was slanting upstream. Finally after much checking with the auto level the cables were found to be within tolerance which was great news to finish a long day.

Namawukulu bridge
The much-laboured-over concrete slab, in the rain

The concrete pouring for the infill slab on far side of bridge had to be conducted without any machinery. This meant resorting to the time honoured human chain technique. This took virtually the whole day and was utterly exhausting work. As  I sit here now I can barely lift my fingers to type this blog, which is apparently because I’m a weak Mazunga (White person).

That’s it, sleep calls…


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