Day 10 – 11 The end is in sight

Day 10

Weather 30 degrees!

We started installing the decking today. All of us had a safety briefing and the chance to harness up and install the decking. The view was indeed nice up there!

The 2m hardwood decking planks are really heavy and the bridge was fairly unstable before attaching to the abutments. This is why we had to take extra care despite having the harness connected to the safety line.

There are only 4 self-retracting lanyards available and 2 person started from the East and west tower respectively.

The fact that the wooden plank wasn’t straight added a lot of complexity as we need to make sure the crossbeams align to each other as well as enough room to lay 5 planks longitudinally. Furthermore the hardwood plank was very strong and it takes a lot of time and strength to drill through both the deck and nailer board whilst keeping balance.

We made great progress, managing to install 85 percent of the decking. It was indeed a tiring day for all of us but we did have a nice view of the Rwandan sunset which makes it all worthwhile 😊

Day 11

Installing the fencing Image: Ramboll
Installing the fencing

Today the team was split into three groups. One group preparing the fencing one group in decking and another fixing the handrail post. We managed to complete the decking in the morning and started installing the fencing in the afternoon.

The most complicated part of decking is when they meet in the middle which was pretty much trial and error, requiring us to cut the plank into the correct size in order to have an aligned crossbeam coming from each end.

The B2p health and safety officer came visit the site and she was impressed with our H&S procedures. So it’s chapeau to Anthony for doing such a great job and for being the strict guy on site.

Nobody messes with the Safety guy! Image: Ramboll
Nobody messes with the Safety guy!

At the end of the day thoughts turned to tomorrow’s biggest challenge. Because the scaffolding tower has been dismantled we need to to devise a solution to detach the safety line without compromising health and safety, and without having to reassemble the scaffolding tower!

But overall it’s a positive mood in the camp. The bridge is nearly complete now and we can see the finishing line ahead of us.


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