Uganda 2018

Ramboll is proud to partner Bridges to Prosperity. In our first project with B2P, 5 young bridge engineers journeyed out to remote eastern Uganda, alongside a team from IABSE. Their mission: to create a footbridge across the Ngame river in 2 weeks. Regular flooding means that the existing ford was impassable for about 30 days a year. The footbridge we created keeps the communities of LHS Mamawukulu, Bumbiman RHS Kishambua and Malandu connected year round, improving the lives of residents immeasurably.

This blog tells the story of this inaugural project as it unfolded. You can find more details on the project, the design and the outcome on the Ramboll website.

Day 10 (11th June)

Yesterday was rest day, much needed after an exhausting 6 days last week

Our planned activities for today were checking and correcting the sag differential between the two cables by re-winching to tighten or loosen the cables as appropriate. The second planned task was pouring of the concrete infill slab at the far end of the bridge. Continue reading “Day 10 (11th June)”