Fehmarn Lighting Concept

Welcome to the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Blog! During the coming months I will describe our project and respond to any questions and comments that our design may trigger.

The first entry is about the innovative lighting concept developed for the road tunnel users to mitigate the monotoni involved in driving through long tunnels.

The concept has been developed by one of our talented architects: the English company Wilkinson Eyre Architects.

The concept includes a.o. bespoke lighting installations at three locations in the tunnel – adjacent to the tunnel ends and at the centre. Each installation includes a 1,5 km long band on the right hand tunnel wall consisting of  intermittent vertical strands of LED diodes capable of displaying moving images. The images can be changed at will, but we have chosen to show flying birds accompanying  the driver on the journey through the tunnel.

Furthermore, the lighting concept includes a number of light portals – zones where the tunnel’s standard white light will be mixed with coloured lights. In total 22 colour zones of 50 m length are planned. The colour will range from purple at the tunnel mouth, through blue and green to yellow at the centre, and then back through the same transition to purple at the tunnel end.  The variation in colour is intended for drivers to be aware of the “turning point” of the journey, and of the actual progress of the trip through the tunnel (approximately 10 min. duration).

A description of the tunnel light concept can also be found in the following article from the Danish technical weekly magazine Ingeniøren.

What are your ideas on the Fehmarn lighting concept – do you like all the different colours and have you seen anything similar in other tunnels before?