Bangladesh Flood Relief project – Update

Following on from the post in February ( ) the ActionAid project in Tala Upazila, Bangladesh for which Ramboll is providing support has just reached a key stage with the successful completion of its first flood relief shelter.

ActionAid Bangladesh has developed the project with the main aim of improving the immediate and long-term living conditions for 25 households which consist of 125 marginalised people in the Dalit Balia Rishi Para community. Ramboll is entirely funding the design and construction of 25 flood relief shelters. These have been created voluntarily by Elliott Connolly and Nicholas O’Brien, two Graduate Structural Engineers in Ramboll’s London office, together with an architectural consultant from Bangladesh.


Cost-effective, sustainable and durable design

Following a fact-finding visit in late 2012, and intensive design work back in the UK, Elliott returned to Tala Upazila for 12 days in April 2013 to project manage and assist with the construction of the pilot shelter. This is acting as the model for the remaining 24 shelters, which are presently being built to a similar high quality and standard. In addition, 25 latrines – one for each dwelling – and three deep tubes, to provide access to fresh water, are also being provided.

The shelters have been designed to be culturally acceptable, sustainable, durable and cost-effective, with a tight budget of around EUR 945 per dwelling being successfully met. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of May, just before the monsoon season begins.


A rewarding experience

The Ramboll Foundation has donated EUR 35,000 to this project, while UK’s Charity Task Group is providing the funding which is supporting Elliott and Nicholas’ direct involvement.

Elliott comments: “We’d particularly like to thank the Ramboll Foundation, and Ramboll UK Charity Task Group members Jeremy Foster, Jessica Robinson and Sebastian Wood for supporting this important scheme. In addition to developing our own skills, it’s great to know that our work will positively affect a whole community, not only improving living standards but also, potentially, saving lives.”


More information

For more information please contact Elliott Connolly. For details on ActionAid and the Bhumija Foundation (a small social development organisation, who are the local implementation partner) please follow links below.