Graduate Induction Programme 2015

In September 2015, Ramboll graduates attended a two-day induction programme, which took place in the London office.

The first day of the programme began with an introductory speech by Steve Canadine, Managing Director of Ramboll in the UK. It was followed by presentations from senior members of staff, who gave a brief summary of their career and their job role within Ramboll. There was also an overview of the various CSR projects which are organised by Ramboll Charities Panel.  Later on, graduates participated in a seminar relating to Ramboll values, during which they exchanged views and opinions on what these mean to them and how they can incorporate them into their job role and daily tasks. The day continued with a presentation on ‘Innovative Leadership’.

As part of the Copenhagen trip, graduates were asked to complete a ‘Graduate Design Challenge’, on which they were briefed during the induction programme. Graduates were given the task to design an integrated solution for an existing public realm within a dense city of their choice. The solution should consider sustainability, social integration and green spaces. Graduates were divided into teams of 5-6 people from different disciplines and offices in order to allow them to combine their various skills from the different sectors. The first day ended with a tour around several historic pubs of London.

On the second day there were short presentations from colleagues working in the various disciplines and Resources Groups within Ramboll. The day continued with an interactive discussion about ‘Competitive Platform’, during which graduates were given the opportunity to express their opinion and ideas on various issues and propose their suggestions. The graduate induction programme ended with a session on building client relationships. During this session, graduates were divided into groups of 6 and were given the task to undertake a role play exercise. The scenario they were given was such that they would meet potential clients and they would have to convince them to appoint Ramboll in new projects.

The graduate induction programme was a great opportunity for graduates to get to know their colleagues from the other Ramboll offices, learn about Ramboll’s Resource groups and broaden their understanding of the Ramboll values and Competitive Platform. Positive feedback on the session was received from the graduates!



(words by Sotira Georgiou)