Chestnut Grove Academy Science Fair


Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham hosted a Science Fair on the 22nd of March, for their Year 9 students (13/14 year old). Ramboll was represented by two graduate engineers, Neophytos Yiannakou and Mohamed Saleh. It was a great opportunity for the students to get familiar with the work we do at Ramboll and all the interesting stuff we are working on in our daily basis.

We were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of these guys, sharing their dreams and aspirations of becoming F1 engineers, sustainable urban planners and aviation designers. We came across some tough questions that certainly demonstrated their extensive scientific knowledge on certain aspects of engineering.

We feel rewarded by this experience as we believe in the educational and social character of Ramboll. Engaging with the students was a great experience and we are pleased to have contributed to their development. We would certainly do it again if the opportunity arises.