The Construction and Development Partnership (CODEP) cup is a hotly contested football tournament organised by the construction law firm, Fenwick Elliott. CODEP are a charity which has been preliminarily set up to improve literacy and the technical capacity of communities in Sierra Leone. However, for the past nine months they have been working to help prevent the spread of Ebola. They are currently caring for some 200 Ebola orphans, providing regular support, food and care. Ramboll have donated £200 towards the charity.

The tournament is renowned for its competitive nature and this year was no different. Grey skies and turbulent weather reflected the mood on the small caged pitches. Battle lines were drawn – bragging rights were at stake.

After a difficult first few games Ramboll escaped with a win and a draw (plus a few bruises). From there on, the boys in blue hit their stride with a secure defence and a potent attacking threat in the shape of Nick Smallman. Confidence was growing. They managed to top the group easily and breeze past a lacklustre semi-final opponent.

The final beckoned. By this point the heavens had opened. Rain poured. The imposing concrete flyover overhead offered little protection from the elements.

During the last game of the day, the only thing standing between Ramboll and eternal glory were the impressive Morgan Sindall. However, Ramboll seemingly held a mental advantage going into the final having already beaten them in the group stages. Although, this didn’t faze Morgan Sindall as they came out strong with some intricate play and a steely determination. Sindall took the lead. Going behind seemed to shake Ramboll back to life and they began to play like they had done earlier in the tournament. A couple of extraordinary saves from the reluctant keeper Sam Main kept them in it. Two goals in quick succession from Ramboll crushed Morgan Sindalls spirit. From this point the leaders hunkered down and squeezed out the win. Ramboll were crowned the champions!