Graduate Design Project 2013


After the success of the inaugural Graduate Design Project last year, the newest graduate engineers to join Ramboll have completed the second GDP! Graduates from across the UK took part making it an excellent opportunity to socialise with the new grads and learn about each other’s experiences around the regional offices, as well as partaking in the competition at hand.

This year’s challenge was to work in small groups to produce a submission for a current architectural competition. Out of the six groups five chose the Flat Lot Competition – to design a temporary event space in a parking lot in Flint, Michigan – whilst the final group bravely went out on their own to produce a master plan to reinvigorate the Vauxhall area in London.

To help inspire us on our way we had talks from people both within Ramboll and from the wider industry, focusing on competition bids. These included a talk on some of the bridge competitions that Ramboll have completed and a talk from Architects Studio AR about their unique practice. Each team produced a blog (links below) to chart progress through the design process.

Finally, after three weeks of hard work, debate and deliberation, combined of course with much fun and inspiration, the presentation day arrived. It was very interesting afternoon, with some fantastic ideas on display as shown in the display boards below. Two of the designs are being carried forward to be entered into the real competition so an update on these shall follow later in the year!

Ruth Chislett is a Graduate Strucrural engineer in the London office.