Kids Can Achieve!


Ramboll UK have been working with Kids Can Achieve to build a playground at their Centre in Harrow Weald. Kids Can Achieve is a London based charity, which supports children and young people who may have educational, emotional, social or psychological difficulties. Ramboll employees have been donating their time to work on the project, which is now complete. The outdoor space was transformed into a sustainable play area using timber donations from local building merchants.

WP_003559 garden finished house 2 (2)

As the project was reaching the halfway point, Graduate Engineers, Linnea Engemann and Cíaran Malik went to work on the site. They were lucky to have nice weather, and had a fun day sanding down the frame of playground and painting them to give them a new lease of life. The foundations were marked out and dug, although Jez bore the majority of the digging work. Jez Foster, a Project Director at Ramboll coordinated the project.

During Linnea Painting

As part of Ramboll’s commitment to social responsibility, staff have an allocated Corporate Social Responsibility Day (CSR Day). Ramboll employees can use their CSR Day once a year to support the work of a charity of their choice. The project has also been organised and budgeted by Graduate Engineer, Eddie Leach, to provide an opportunity to further develop his skills. In addition to assisting Kids Can Achieve the project provides a direct way for a number of employees to support a charity and get involved in something inclusive.