St. Pauls High School Visit


On the 11th June 2015, a group of Year 10 school girls and teachers visited Ramboll’s London office, and were greeted by three of the London Education Officers, Anish Patel, Alan Roper and Riccardo Pedroni for an afternoon. This school visit is an annual event run between Ramboll and the school, and has proven to be a high success and an enjoyable and insightful afternoon for everyone involved.

The afternoon began with initial icebreakers, followed by a Ramboll Presentation describing the company, values, disciplines and major projects. Following this, representatives from various disciplines; Fire Engineering (Aurelie Pereira), Acoustics (Momo Hoshijima), Geotechnical Engineering (Mona Haghani), Facades (Miriam Butti), Building Services (Amipon Batham), Environmental Consultancy (Rachel Navin), Structural Engineering (Riccardo Pedroni) and Civil Engineering (Alan Roper) delivered short presentations on what they do and how they came to work for Ramboll. As a coincidence the majority of the representatives were female, and feedback after the event showed that the school ‘loved meeting all of the female engineers and hearing their inspiring stories’.


A group task was the set, which was to design a structure as tall as possible from marshmallows and spaghetti, with groups being assigned. The key aspects of this were to gain an engineering knowledge of how high rise structures work in principal, and also key team work and communication skills. The task was well received and an enjoyable end to the day, which was followed by an office tour, and the school have got back in touch regarding continuing the event next year which we hope to again be a success.