Wimbledon High School STEM Careers Fair


Wimbledon High School hosted a STEM Career Fair for their Year 9 students (13/14 year olds) on the evening of the 18th November.

Kalisha, Anna and myself  (Florencia) had the opportunity to meet a wonderful bunch of clever young women interested in finding out more about what STEM careers involves. We discussed what sort of roles they could be perusing in the future if they decided to take a career in the sciences.

It was rewarding to see their genuine interest in our profession and the questions they were coming up with, some of which proved to be quite challenging to answer. By the end of the evening we had a great feeling that we had successfully engaged with the students and gained their interest in engineering, or at least clarified what engineering actually involves and the different types of engineering choices.

To finalise the evening, we proposed to build some marshmallow and spaghetti towers. Unsurprisingly they were brilliant at it.