Dalston Lane: The tallest CLT building in the world

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When completed, Dalston Lane will be the tallest residential CLT building in the world. 9 storeys of CLT structure sit on a first floor concrete podium slab, reaching a height of over 32m. Ramboll are currently working as CLT engineer and form part of a design team which includes B&K Structures, Waugh Thistleton, XCO2, PJCE and Regal Homes.


Dalston Lane Visulisation
Dalston Lane Visualisation


A building of this size has brought many new challenges, and requires a new approach to design. Complex and ground breaking finite element modelling techniques have been utilised to assess and optimise many aspects of the building, including the building loads, wall panel design and floor deflections and vibration. The upshot of this is that less timber can be used in the structure, reducing weights and improving the sustainable credentials of the construction material.

Dalston Lane  Finite Element Model
Dalston Lane Finite Element Model


The first delivery of cross-laminated timber is scheduled to be on site in June 2015, and the entire structure will be complete before the end of the year.