Anders Dyrelund

Anders Dyrelund_nyt billede til blogMy name is Anders Dyrelund. For 35 years, I have been working with planning of urban energy solutions in Denmark and in more than 20 other countries.

It has been my pleasure to take part in the planning of cost effective and intelligent energy infrastructure in order to meet the need for energy services. Not least because the plans in Denmark have been implemented and new key technologies developed. We have had a progressive energy policy and a fruitful interaction between politicians, authorities, utilities, independent consultants and suppliers.

There is an increasing international awareness about climate change and security of energy supply and Denmark has become a show room for sustainable urban energy solutions. In particular the urban energy solutions like district heating, combined heat and power and renewable energy including waste-to-energy.

Currently, Ramboll Energy is engaged in planning and design of many urban energy solutions, taking into account the life cycle costs for the society as well as environmental and social benefits.

I will keep you updated on our activities and hope to share good ideas with you.

Please look for more information about our energysolutions on at previously named  –  a national website launched to present Denmark at COP15.