Have you been on a virtual energy study tour ?

At www.energymap.dk you can visit many interesting energy cases on a virtual tour. You are welcome to visit our profile http://www.energymap.dk/Profiles/Ramboll to study our urban energy solutions, cases and projects. Once you have decided what you would like to study in detail, you may consider to come to Denmark and see it real.

See also www.dbdh.dk  www.euroheat.org and www.districtenergy.org for more information about urban energy solutions.

We have had many visitors in the Danish energy sector, and it was expected that there would come even more during CO15 in 2009. Therefore The Dansh Confederation of Industries established Energymap.dk in order to present the Danish energy experience in an efficient way. It became a success. There have been many visitors and the site  will be further developed. At Energymap you can visit the profile of companies, you can visit interesting cases in Denmark and the rest of the world and you may study energy projects and energy solutions. It is all linked together and you can download related media.

The Danish tradition for energy planning and our very efficient district heating infrastructure has been of special interest fo visitors. We have many visitors, and they often start to visit DBDH, which is represents more than 40 companies from the Danish district heating  industry: suppliers, consultants and energy companies. At www.dbdh.dk you can find more information and links to other relevant sites.

To study Urban Energy Solutions, it is also a good idea to visit the sites of the two international associations for district heating and cooling, namely

Thereby you will also notice that Distict Energy in USA is the same as District Heating & Cooling in Europe.

You are welcome to comment and help us to make energymap even better.


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